To 5 Year Old Jackson

Each year I write a letter to each of  my kids, in honor of their birthday. Last year’s to the boys can be seen here.


To my sweet Jackson,

Your dad and I are so proud of you, little man! We’re continually impressed when you just blurt out what a sign, book, piece of mail, etc. says, and I loved watching your focus and concentration when working on your first lego project, last week. Like I told you last night, I cannot wait to see what you’ll learn and master this next year! It should be fun to watch you grow in your love of reading and music!

One of the things I really love about you is the way you dote on your little sister. She absolutely adores you, Jackson, and I love how you act as her protector at times. Don’t ever stop protecting her! And definitely don’t ever stop trying to make her laugh!

Your innocent faith, love of family and even the way you insist on photo bombing any pictures or videos, bring such joy to us, Jackson! We love you lots!


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