To 5 Year Old Chase

To our cuddly Chasey,

I wonder how many more years (or months) you’ll let me call you Chasey! I’m so glad you granted me permission to continue to call you that, even though you have instructed everyone else to call  you “just Chase”.

Your quiet confidence (and sometimes stubbornness) is a wonderful attribute. You’ve got some great leadership skills hiding in there, and we’re looking forward to seeing those come out in the years ahead!

It’s funny, I remember a NICU nurse telling me that you were going to be our cuddler, and how she could tell that when you were just a few days old was beyond us. Turns out that nurse knows babies! 5 years later you are still very much a cuddler. Even though you take up most of my lap, I so love when you want to curl up with me to watch TV, read a book, or just talk.

We’re excited to watch you continue to grow and learn this year! Keep working on your sports skills and those leadership skills (just don’t turn it into bossing your siblings around – ha!)! We love you little man!

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