Time With Ty

Last night at the triplet moms dinner the topic of spending one on one time with our kids came up. The conversation intrigued me, especially when I heard moms of some “older” kids (2 and 3 year olds) talking about how excited their kids get when it’s their “day”.

The only one on one time I’ve spent with any of the boys was to take them to the doctor. That’s not exactly a fun memory making event! After last night’s discussions I decided to take action, so this morning after we made a family trip to Sam’s Club I moved a car seat into the Neon and took Tyler grocery shopping with me!

The little man did great considering I dragged him to 4 different stores. I had hoped to take a picture of the two of us before we came home, but by the time we got back to the car after store number 4 he’d had quite enough. Lesson learned: if you want a cute picture do it at the beginning of the trip!

Not only did I enjoy spending time trying to make just Ty laugh but I so enjoyed the comments we got! Typically when out with the boys I hear things like: “are they triplets?”, “wow, they look a lot alike”, “aww they’re so cute!”, “where did you get that wagon” and my favorite “are they close in age?”. Today I heard comments about how pretty Tyler’s eyes are and what a cute smile he has! I loved hearing people compliment Ty on such simple little things rather than the focus being his tripletness. I can’t wait to do one on one time with Chase and Jackson!

Jackson Update: Speaking of Jackson, here’s an update on the little man. I took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon and the mystery of why he looked so terrible was finally solved. He has a sinus infection. The doctor said that’s rare in a kid his age. But wait, there’s more! The sinus infection also caused an eye infection. His right eye is all puffy and constantly tearing up. AND he has an ear infection… in both ears. Poor guy! He’s on a 10 day stint of amoxicillan now and should be perking up by tomorrow! Hopefully we’ll all be healthy by next weekend. Thanks for the prayers!

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