Time to Get Happy! *Giveaway*

I believe we are an all-around happy family. Every once in a great while Nick and I will try one of those “great ideas” we’ve had, and the boys get excited about. I’ll be honest though, while I can be creative with making charts and making dinner, I’m not so creative when it comes to fun.

Thanks to The Happy Family Movement, that all is changing! Instead of hearing “Mommy, can we play Wii?” a dozen times this weekend, I heard “What fun thing are we going to do next?!”

The fun couple behind The Happy Family Movement asked me to check out their Indoor Adventure Guide and give a copy away on my blog! On Thursday I finally got my act together enough to pick something out of the guide and it was huge hit! Ok, to be fair, it was only a hit with 3 out of 4 kids – Jackson chose to cry the entire time. Because he’s 4. Being 4 is hard. Enough about being 4 though – let’s talk fun!

What’s with the winter hats (and construction hat) and running around? Why, we were having an indoor snowball fight of course! Who cares that it was 45 degrees outside and we’ve only had one real snow storm all winter – we were going to have some fun! (And yes, I’m guilty of setting my camera up and letting it take pictures at intervals. I wanted to play too!)

On Saturday Nick got in on the fun action, when we tried out another idea from the adventure guide. He had taken the boys to do the recycling, which left me with about 45 minutes to blow up 45 balloons. He’s lucky he didn’t come home to find me passed out on the floor.

Mommy, I have to go potty! is what Chase was yelling as he sprinted by. But when he turned his head and noticed all of the balloons, he stopped in his tracks and forgot about his full bladder.

Guess what’s buried under all of these balloons?

Three 4 and a half year olds!

Now, you know you want to see that in action… Check it out!

We also, obviously, had to put Lily into the balloon filled Pit of Despair Fun. The look on her face here cracks me up!

Didn’t take her long to have fun though!


Bottom line – this family had a blast playing together! We’re all excited to try out more of the ideas in The Happy Family Movement’s Indoor Adventure Guide. Here’s the really great thing about this Indoor Adventure Guide – while it’s labeled as a way to survive winter, it really will be fantastic for rainy days, 110 degree days and I’m totally planning on using one of these ideas at the boys’ next birthday party! There are activities that will appeal to pre-schoolers and elementary kids alike, and there are tips for getting even the littlest family members involved in the fun too. Did I mention you also get a bunch of printables that go with some of the activities? No? Cause that’s pretty awesome too!

You really, really need to check out all of the fun stuff on The Happy Family Movement website. I plan to sign up for their Summer Bucket List, and am definitely considering their Road Trip Kit for our long drive to New England this summer! The site is just full of fun stuff, designed to make happier families!

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While I did receive a free copy of the Indoor Adventure Guide to review, the opinions and fun stated and depicted above really happened and are definitely my own. 
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