This Is How We Party

Hard to believe I’m a parent to three 4 year olds now. I don’t think I’m the only one struggling with it either, because Nick and I were told several times by the boys “I don’t feel 4. I feel 3 still.” Ha!

This morning I took them for their 4 year well-child check up. All went well and the boys were little hams for the nurses and doctor.

Just like when they were born, Ty is the lightest and Chase has a slight edge on Jackson. Chase and Jackson are right at the middle of the percentile charts, while Tyler is on the low end.

Jackson: 3’4″ tall and 34lbs 7oz

Ty: 3’3″ tall and 31lbs 8oz

Chase: 3’4″ tall and 35lbs and 5oz

Birthday boys, after a full day of party fun!

L-R: Ty, Chase and Jackson

We started our morning early and the right way when Nick drove to the mom and pop donut shop in our town! The donuts come highly regarded apparently (according to the KC newspaper anyway) and we hadn’t tried them yet, so thought it would be a fun start to the birthday. Quite tasty! After donuts, I got work on the birthday cakes… bowling pins!

Did you catch that? While I was paying attention to Chase pretending to bite his cake, Jackson actually swiped some frosting! The evidence is on his lip and finger in picture #2. And we won’t talk about how he licked part of his cake after he blew out the candles…

We had our bounce house inflated and Nick put Lily in it. I swear, she was only looking concerned when I crouched down to take her picture! The minute she focused on me, the concerned look turned into crying. That is the only picture I got of her in it.

Speaking of inflatables, check out the bowling sets! A friend of mine grabbed one for me Friday night (she knew I had been looking and hadn’t had luck) and some party guests gave the boys a second set as a gift! Can you tell we’re on a bit of a bowling kick here?

Uncle Mason bought a pinata on his way to the party and that was a bunch of fun! We decided it was risky enough handing them all a bat, so skipped the blind fold. Eventually we had to let Nick take some swings… these kids weren’t strong enough to break it!

By far one of the funniest moments of the day! I wish I’d had the video camera running when our friend Jeremy yanked on the rope to bring the pinata up just as Nick swung for it. Classic!

While the party was small, it was fun. This year we decided to give the boys control of the guest list and that was pretty fun! We had some adults on the list (yep, invited by the boys!), but mostly kids that were in their preschool class last year. There was even one girl I thought for sure they had made up because she wasn’t on the class roster I had gotten at the beginning of the year. Turns out she had joined part way through, so they weren’t making her up!

All in all, a great day!

Hope you all have been enjoying entering the giveaways! Remember, they all close to entries on Labor Day, so you’ve got time to get some of the bonus entries!

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  • Alicenne

    what a party!ReplyCancel

  • How fun. Love that inflatable bowling set.ReplyCancel

  • Monica

    That is the best donut shop… EVER! So glad your boys had fun!ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Sue

    How fun to see the party pictures! I just love every time you have a picture of the three of them together – to see them huddling close together and even putting their arms around each other – you can tell that they really love each other. I’m sure there are times with spats and such, but you and Nick have set such a great tone for a loving family. Hugs to you all!ReplyCancel