Things They Say

Jackson: I scream for ice cream! I scream for ice cream! We all fall down and bumped our heads!”

Chase: Noooo… that’s not right!


Chase: Mommy, can we bring the baseball thing in the house?

Me: No, it needs to stay in the garage when you’re not using it outside.

Chase: Well, when you’re gone we can bring it into the house and use the living room for a big baseball field. That’s what Daddy said.

Yep. Kid ratted Nick out. Ha!


At the zoo: Me – “The monkey is looking for a snack!”

Jackson (to the monkey): “We’re not snacks!”


Chase: I have a belly ache.

Me: I’m sorry buddy!

Chase: Yeah, I think it’s from walking at the zoo.


Tyler to me: “When are you going to have another baby in your belly?


Chase: I’m Laura and I have a beautiful white dress. Don’t I look pretty?


Tyler, after taking a sip of my flavored water: Mommy, it’s like a party in mouth!

That’s not Jackson and Chase in the picture, and it’s not Nick and me either…

Nope. It’s Laura and Mason. More about that (with video) later this week!

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