Things My Kids Say {Yep, more!}

Me: I’m so tired!
Ty: Mommy, you can’t take a nap because Daddy isn’t home.
Me: True, but if you all took a nap then I could!
Chase: No! If we all take naps then people will think our house is for sale!


Jackson: Dear God, please make Lily’s shoes size 4,000 so that they’ll fit her. Amen.


Chase: Dear God, please zap us to Maine and Vermont right now! Amen.


Ty: Daddy said that he hoped we would catch a fish yesterday, so that we could eat it for lunch.

Me: Was Daddy going to clean and cook it?

Ty: No, he said you would.

Me: But I don’t know how!

Ty: You could look it up on YouTube.


Jackson (completely out of the blue): Mommy, did you know I’ll miss you when you’re up in Heaven?

Me: That’s nice of you to say!

Jackson: Will you miss me? Cause I’ll really miss you.


Ty, to Nick: Do you know why Mommy gets to sleep longer than the rest of us?

Nick: No, why?

Ty: Because she does more work then the rest of us!

(I swear, I didn’t put him up to that – ha!)


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  • A positive answer to Chase’s prayer would result in near-rapture. He (or all of you) wouldn’t be translated to heaven but it would be the next best thing. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Such memorable comments from the little ones!

    I wanted to comment on your blog tonight to mention that a staff member from our church is SO EXCITED to be coming to Kansas City tomorrow to attend a conference at your church!! I wish I could be coming with her!ReplyCancel