Things My Kids Say {Yep, More}

There are germs roaming around our house. Lily was struck down for 5 days, and is finally better today… just in time for Jackson and Ty to be hit. I need a laugh, and maybe you do too (it is Monday, after all)!


Chase (after I denied him a piece of cake): Mommy, you’re being a pity!

Pretty sure he doesn’t know what “pity” means….


Ty: “Daddy, my toes are going to sleep! They must think this is a pretty relaxing quiet time if they want to go to sleep.”


Jackson (to Ty): Did you know sunflower seeds are really porcupine quills that have been baked?


Ty: Costco is just like Disney World! 


Me: Ty! You almost stepped on her head! Please watch where you’re going.

Ty: I can’t. I’m not an old man – I don’t look down.

Me: Only old men look down?

Ty: Yes.

Me: Why do you say that?

Ty: Because I had a friend, who died and he was old and looking down.



Jackson: Mommy, you’re old. 

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