Things My Kids Say… Again.

A prayer, by Lily….

“God. Fun. Shows. Na na’s. Monkey. Arthur. Shoes. Daddy. Daddy Home. Mommy. Mole. Hair. Amen! Cookies! Amen!”


Ty: Well, I was pretty sad that I wasn’t with my brothers, but I decided to be brave and stick with Jesus.


Lily, from the backseat of the car, when I was about to turn into a parking lot…

“Hold on tight!”


Chase, while discussing the importance of listening to your heart: I think I just heard my heart! Or maybe it was just my belly….


Lily, in a porta potty…

“Look! Treats!”

Nope. Definitely not treats.

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  • You do such a good job of remembering these things, Helen. I just never did remember many of them. I especially like what Ty said. Hugs to all! NellieReplyCancel

  • Mary Wyand Rankin

    When my first child to enter Kindergarten, Bobby, then 5 years, was ready to go outside to catch the school bus, he looked at me and said………”It’s my turn today”…….I asked him ……his turn for what? He said, “My turn to cry. Everyone gets a turn, when the school bus comes. ” the bus stop was 2 doors away. I told him if he knew someone cried every day so his mom would drive him to school, that
    since I had not gotten my driver’s license yet,
    he’d better just get on the bus. And so he did. He enjoyed it, too.ReplyCancel