Things My Kids Say

Jackson: It smells good in the trash can!


Chase: Mommy, do you want to come to my wedding?

Me: Yes.

Chase: Do you have a dollar?

Me: I need a dollar?

Chase: Yes, everyone needs to pay a dollar to come to my wedding.


Ty: Mommy, did you take this picture?

Me: Yes, I did.

Ty: It’s a beautiful picture!


Jackson: Daddy, when I grow up I want to be like you…. and have an iPad 1.


Tyler: Mommy, you’re so pretty I would pick you like a flower!


Me: The answer is “no”.

Jackson: No, the answer is yes, Jesus loves me, so I should do the things God wants me to do. <long pause> And God says Jackson should get the coloring book back.

Lily: DADADADADADADADA (long, loud squeal)


Jackson: Mum, I’m packing to go on a holiday! Didn’t I tell you?

Then he came back into the room with a bag of candy and underwear. Ha! All the essentials.

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  • Heheehehe – I love your kids (but I should) 🙂 Great pictures as usual!ReplyCancel

  • I love it! These are the best posts because they’ll make you smile on the tough days and they don’t take forever to write. =) Maybe I should stick with this layout???ReplyCancel

    • You should, Amy! All I do is keep a post in draft mode and add things as they say them (and I can actually remember them long enough to get to the computer and type it out) and then when I have enough I post it.ReplyCancel

  • Such cute words! It’s great that you have them recorded on your blog. I know we can’t remember the cute things that our three might have said when they were that young age. Too bad this technology wasn’t around then.:-(ReplyCancel

  • Awesome dialogue! And I love that even Lily got in on the action! 😉ReplyCancel