Things Jackson Says

Originally this was going to be one of those “Things My Kids Say” posts, but then I realized all the funny things lately have been coming out of Jackson’s mouth!

Jackson: My kitty (a stuffed one) is allergic to thunderstorms. They make him sneeze.

Jackson (throwing his arms into the air): Thanks guys, I’m here all week!

Jackson, while watching some women we didn’t know play tennis at a park: 40 Love! Awwww. The left team wins!

Jackson: I’m all packed for vacation! Inside the bag Nick found just 3 pair of underwear and Jackson’s swim trunks.


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  • 🙂 He’s smart to have remembered underwear.ReplyCancel

  • Jackson is like my Oliver. He’s the one in my trio that comes up with the funniest stuff.

    When I told him I don’t like Barney, he said “its okay, mommy, you don’t have to watch it, you can go in the playroom.”ReplyCancel

  • RoseAnne

    The tennis comment made me laugh out loud. He must have learned all he knows about tennis from the Wii. His cousins think the terms “love” and “deuce” are hysterical when they are playing Wii tennis.ReplyCancel

  • Leah

    I love the packing job! I also like the lighting set up in the picture. The black is so black and he is so nicely lit, did you use a reflector?ReplyCancel

    • Thanks Leah! Nope, I actually had the black backdrop set up just inside my garage and the door was wide open behind me. Perfect light!ReplyCancel