Things I Never Thought I’d Say

There are some things you just expect to say as a parent… don’t touch that, bottoms in chairs, stop smacking your brother, I told you you’d get hurt!, and on, and on. Some things just fly out of your mouth though, and make you think “What?! Did I really just have to say that?”. Turns out, yes.

Lily seems to do sillier things than her brothers did. Or maybe it’s just because there’s only one of her that I notice some of these things more, and have the time to sit and ponder them.


“Do you have a marker down your pants?!”

(And yes, she did. She was trying to color her legs and lost it.)


“Did you just put your apple in the guitar?!”

(And yes, she had.)


“Lily! No dumping milk on your brothers’ heads!”

(I’ve said that one multiple times in the last week.)


“Jackson, please stop acting like a dog! You’re driving us all crazy with the licking and panting!”

(He didn’t stop, and instead Tyler kept petting him.)

“Is that mustard all over your belly?”

(Then I snapped the below picture, right after she’d pulled the shirt down over the mustard covered belly, and then back up, meaning the mustard was now all over the inside of her shirt.)

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