They’re Off and I Cried

Ah, the first day of kindergarten. A day I sometimes (ok, often) never thought would arrive, and yet at the same time, it’s arrived far too quickly. It was rather surreal for Nick and me this morning to drop three little boys off for the first day of school. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that I was still pregnant with them, trying to figure out what they’re names would be? Or just yesterday that they were in the NICU, trying their best to grow and learn how to eat and breathe at the same time? Or just yesterday that they were whining in an aisle at Target? Oh wait…. that did happen yesterday!

The reality is that these little babies of mine are no longer “babies”. They’ll be 6 in less than two weeks (which is also unbelievable to us), and boy are they ready for school!

For those following me on Facebook or Twitter you know a curveball was thrown at us just two days ago in regards to the boys’ classroom placement (they’ve been split up, against our wishes, and at the very last minute). That is a long, drama-filled, tear-filled story, which will be shared in a post all of it’s own. For this one, I want to focus on the actual school day!

As far as schools go, we’re lucky enough to have a pretty late start time. School doesn’t start until 8:55am, which means we don’t need to even begin walking down there until after 8:30! SWEET! I’m not a morning person at all (thank goodness Nick is!), so having more time than most get is pretty awesome in my book. We coached the boys last night on what time we’d need to leave in the morning, picked out their first day of school clothes and laid them out, and Nick told them he’d wake them up at 7am to start the day.

Guess who was awake well before 7? And guess who was also ready before 7?

Dressed, shoes on, and two of them were even wearing their backpacks already at 6:56am! Their enthusiasm cracked us up! Because they were ready so early, Nick let them all watch Curious George before making breakfast.

Then they raced through breakfast! We heard the rare “I’m full!” phrase out of Jackson after only one serving. What?! Who is this kid?!


Considering everyone was ready to roll far sooner than we needed to, I dragged them all out onto the front porch for pictures. As you’ll see here, my children have entered the “awkward smile” phase of life. Even children of photographers are not immune to this phenomenon!



L-R: Jackson, Ty, Chase

Aw, my boys! It is no wonder I’ve cried this week. I’ve been so excited for them to start school, and I’m not usually a crier, so I really didn’t think I would cry much at all this week. So wrong! Tuesday night I really lost it for the first time. Granted, that’s also when the drama with the classroom placements had started, but it was also really hitting me at the point that the boys were off on this new adventure, and I was being left at home.

I sobbed for probably half an hour on the couch that night, with Nick just holding my hand.

I can’t believe I’m crying this much over this! It’s not even Thursday yet!”

It’s ok. I’m actually surprised it’s taken you this long. If anyone is allowed to be especially emotional about the first day of kindergarten, it’s a mom of triplets.”

Emotional for sure. Thank goodness I have Lily and a business to help keep me distracted and entertained right now, or I think I’d really be floundering. Going from non-stop chaos in your house, to that chaos suddenly being transferred to school from 9-4, 5 days a week is a huge adjustment. Huge!

It’s ok that I’ve been crying. It’s been a long 6.5 years of caring for these boys, ever since we found out I was pregnant, and I’m allowed to mourn this life-change, and at the same time be excited for what’s ahead.

So we set out finally for our walk to school, and Nick was nice enough to go into work late so that he could join us. Chase and Jackson were so excited, they pretty much ran the whole way (probably 3/4 of a mile)! Ty was walking and holding my hand, and I asked him if he wanted to run ahead with his brothers. He smiled up at me and said “No, I want to stay here with you.”

{more tears}

No tears from the boys this morning, although Ty was looking a bit scared by the time I got to his classroom to take a picture of him at his desk. There was one little boy sobbing and clinging to his mom when we arrived to line up outside the school, and Jackson, Ty and Chase couldn’t understand why.

In about an hour I get to go pick my boys up, give them enormous, probably tear-filled, hugs and listen to them excitedly talk over each other about their days. Our babies are growing up. I say “our” because so many of you have been following us since the early days of this blog, and it’s like they’re your triplets too! Our babies are growing up.

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  • Jen Dooley

    I cried just reading that.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda

    OK Ty’s comment about wanting to stay behind with you is awfully sweet 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Chuck and Nancy Wyand

    Thank you, Honey, for sharing their first day, we feel like we were there, in person. Our love to them, and Lily, Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Wyand.ReplyCancel

  • I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face too. Thanks for sharing your family with us all these years. It seems like just yesterday I was holding my newborn twins reading about your kids, showing my husband pictures of a toddler with a cake pan stuck on his head, saying, “oh what we have to look forward to…”
    I am a sobbing mess about my kids going to preschool in a couple weeks, I can’t imagine how I will handle kindergarten.ReplyCancel

  • Awww…I still have another year, and I’m almost crying, reading your post!

    I’m so sorry you had such drama over classroom placement, but I hope the boys didn’t take that to heart and had an awesome start to their school year.

    Sending you hugs!ReplyCancel

  • pop pop

    Wow, thanks Helen. I too feel as though I was there going through that all over again. I remember well putting you on the bus the first time or leaving you at collage or at the alter. Tears for so many different emotions. I love you.ReplyCancel

  • Time sure flies by, and we barely have time to catch our breath. I’ve been thinking about you and the boys all day and can’t wait to hear how they are doing in the adjustment to school (and how you and Lily are doing in the adjustment to a much quieter house).ReplyCancel

  • Cindy in San Antonio

    Thanks for the post, Helen. I started reading your blog when my daughter had twins. They will turn 6 in a couple of weeks! I didn’t cry reading the 1st Day of Kinder entry, but I did tear up reading Pop Pop’s post! Yes, there are many times we parents shed tears for our kids!ReplyCancel

  • Monica S

    Absolutely loved this post! I especially liked the part where you said, “It’s ok that I’ve been crying. It’s been a long 6.5 years of caring for these boys, ever since we found out I was pregnant, and I’m allowed to mourn this life-change, and at the same time be excited for what’s ahead.” Wow…ReplyCancel

  • […] you’re looking for the fun, first day of kindergarten post, you’ll find that by clicking here. This one is going to focus on the drama that went down just a couple of days before school […]ReplyCancel