They See Me

On January 4th I embarked on yet another effort to improve my health and fitness. I do this a lot, but I rarely stick with it for long. This time has been different though. This time I’ve stuck with it, thanks largely to some serious determination and a friend who is equally as determined. We’ve been holding each other accountable daily for the last 2+ months, and the accountability is paying off.

Rather than always, always, always putting my family first like I’ve done in the past (and sometimes I’d use that as an excuse for why I wasn’t caring for me, and that’s all it really was – an excuse), I have been carving out the time for me. My workouts are only 25-30 minutes long, and truly – my family can fend for themselves for those 25-30 minutes.

There have been times I’ve worked out at 8:30pm and the kids have claimed they could hear me and it was keeping them up. I call baloney on that – they just like to stall when it comes to going to bed. I kept pushing on, and finished that workout. I knew they wouldn’t remember me allegedly keeping them up, but I would remember that I did the workout and took care of me.

There have been times I’ve told Nick that dinner was in the oven, and then locked myself in our bedroom with my laptop and set of dumbbells, and knocked my workout out in a 4×8 foot space while absolute chaos reigned outside the door (picture lots of yelling, running around, and dog barking like crazy – I think they were inventing a new game). I was so proud of myself for pausing to take care of me.

I’ve worked out in front of the kids quite a lot over the last couple of months, and I had wondered when I was about a month in…

“Do they see me? Do they see the way I’m putting my health higher up on my priority list? Do they see the hard work that goes into this, and the determination I’m facing it with? Do they see me?”


Lily doing her workout one afternoon last week.

Lily doing her workout one afternoon last week.

They totally see me! Multiple times Lily has busted out the mat, her own set of weights (some two pounders that I have for some odd reason), a small laptop that doesn’t work anymore, and started her own workout. She sees me. She knows this is important!

This last weekend Chase and Jackson helped me with my workout. They counted reps, let me know when I had hit my “goal” number and excitedly continued counting to get me past my goal number. Those two and their enthusiasm totally are what spurred me on to my best workout to-date! I felt amazing at the end, and they were pumped at all of the personal records I had shattered!

Blurry post-workout selfie with my little trainers. My muscles were shaking so much I couldn't hold the phone still!

Blurry post-workout selfie with my little trainers. My muscles were shaking so much I couldn’t hold the phone still!


These kids see me.

They see me getting fast. More fit. Healthier. They see it, and the effort I’m putting into it.

Because they see me, and because I care about me, I will continue to press on! Only 25 days left in this 90 day challenge! Bring it on!

For those that are curious about what exactly I’m doing and what results I’m seeing, you can see this one photo I posted to Instagram when I was 45 days in! I’ll post a full update, complete with before and after pictures *gasp*, and things I’ve learned along the way, when the 90 day challenge is up.

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  • Liz Wakeman

    Great job Helen!!!ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Briseno

    Keep the focus and determination!!! Help me help you:)

    I’m already considering the next series (thinking the 6 week one).ReplyCancel

  • M

    Good for you! This is inspiring. Keep it up.ReplyCancel

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