The Time Ty Went Swimming at the Golf Course

Last week, when my parents were here visiting, we took the boys mini-golfing. Thankfully, no one else seemed to think mini-golf at 4pm on a weekday was a good idea, so we were the only ones on the entire course. The first hole took f-o-r-e-v-e-r, and I thought “man, we’re going to be here all day!”…

But wait – this story has more than excruciatingly slow golf! This story has swimming!

We were on the second hole, when I turned around to see Ty IN that little “pond” you see there! He was waist deep in the water and trying to scramble up the side, but it was slippery and he couldn’t make it up the slope. I said “Ty! What are you doing?!” and my parents turned around to see what I was seeing. My dad rushed over (he was closer) to give Ty a hand up the side and we all burst out laughing. Ty was a little embarrassed. And for the next 5 holes, if there was water nearby he refused to play the hole.

We still have no idea how exactly he ended up in the water, but my theory is that he was trying to sit on the rope and fell in.

Ty wasn’t the only thing swimming at the mini-golf course either… check out all the tadpoles! Each little “pond” had hundreds and hundreds of these in them!

Lily was more interested in her own toes then tadpoles or wet brothers….

Thankfully for Ty, he was wearing shorts and sandals that dried fast! He jumped right back into the golf, which all of the boys loved playing. Know what? We skipped 3 holes and it still took us almost 90 minutes to play! Oy!

On the 18th hole, I let Lily out of the stroller and gave her a club and ball. She was pretty happy about that!

See that hair? That is why you will often see her with a funny little pony-tail sticking up off the top her head! The child will not keep a hair clip in, but she leaves the pony-tail alone!

Obviously this mini-golf trip will go down in history in our family…. at least until something even more exciting goes down (and with three boys, I’m sure there will be something else).

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  • pop pop

    I think Ty was reaching for a tadpole and slipped into the pond. No one heard a splash. It sure was funny ! Everyone loves to see a person fall in the water except for the person who falls in. Poor Ty was SO embarrassed. Remember your brother falling into Moosehead Lake in front of hundreds of people ? He was SO upset… we couldn’t stop laughing.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl

    Awww that was so funny!!! Glad he’s ok!! Have you tried pigtails on Lily? I bet she will look cute..or triple pigtails!! 🙂 She’s just soo cute chunky girl!ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    Hi. I’m Angela.

    Over the past week I read your entire blog. (Between feeding/changing/entertaining my 3 month old, of course.) I clicked “first” at the bottom of the page and started at the beginning. It was wonderful! I love your pictures, your stories, and the fact that you don’t pretend to be perfect. And your kiddos are really funny and cute. Nick even reminds me of my husband Gunnar. I also love that you don’t constantly refer to your kids as “dear, sweet, precious,” etc. every single time you write about them, which drives me crazy on some blogs because it makes me feel guilty for wanting to just run away from my 3 month old and stay at a fancy hotel with room service for a week!

    I also don’t have any friends in real life who have babies (My friends from high school have 5 year olds and my friends from college are waiting until they are 30. I’m 25.) so it’s nice to read about other moms experiences online. Thank you for sharing your motherhood journey.

    Good luck with your photography business and god bless!ReplyCancel

    • I love this, Angela! You’re definitely not alone 🙂 Thanks for reading the blog!ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    Hi Helen,
    I’m a long time reader and I love your blog. Just have to ask tho, why are your pictures looking so stretched out lately? You are such an amazing photographer but lately
    your pictures are distorted…..sorry, don’t mean to be critical, just wondered what was going on.ReplyCancel

    • Really?! They don’t look at all distorted on my end, and I’m processing/resizing them the exact same way I always have! I’ll do a little poll on Facebook to see if anyone else is seeing them the same way you are.ReplyCancel

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