The Time Lily Got Dirty

There are four things that Lily seems to love: crackers, water, baths, and getting dirty. She asks for crackers and water a dozen times a day (at least), asks for a bath several times a week (and cries if I say “no”), and will make a mess any chance she can get.

Last week she signed “bath”, and I told her “no, not today”. She cried, and then went about her business. The business of getting dirty that is…

Pre-mess. Just playing outside and being cute.

5 Minutes later…

Do you see that teeny, tiny puddle on the coaster track? Yeah. That cup of water led to her being covered in mud.

Guess who got her bath after all!


Then, 5 days later, Lily asked for a bath again, and again I said “No” (she had just had one the night before). Lily cried again, and then went about her business.

We had some of the boys’ school friends over for a playdate later that day, and I made up a batch of sidewalk paint. Guess who got into it before I was even done making it and could distract her with something else? *sigh*

Yep, she got another bath. I feel like I’m being played by an 18 month old!
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