The Sweetest Picture

Life is full of beautiful, sweet moments. I’m guilty of often missing some of the sweet moments because I’m too busy, too focused, too something. My boys are still observant enough to catch them though, as evident by Jackson telling me that his favorite part of Sunday (a day that including swimming in a pool and watching fireworks) was “looking at the sun setting”.

My love of photography sometimes gets in the way of really enjoying the beautiful moments or scenes I do happen to notice. I become so focused on  trying to capture what I’m seeing (and sometimes that’s frustrating because there are times a picture just can’t fully capture something) that I forget to actually just sit and enjoy the view.

This morning, as I was cooling down from my run and finding that last bit of energy to do some weights and ab work, I looked out into the kitchen and saw the sweetest picture. Nick was holding Lily in one arm while doing dishes with the other. Sure, it’s always sweet to see a husband doing dishes but my focus was on how he looked holding our baby girl.

I had forgotten how “good” Nick looks with a baby in his arms. I sat there, staring at the two of them for several minutes. Lily would rest her head on Nick’s shoulder and occasionally Nick would lean his head down so it was almost resting on her head. Seriously – the sweetest moment!

As tempted as I was to sneak over and grab my camera, I stayed put. I was afraid Nick would see me go for the camera and I’d get a cross-eyed picture of him. Yep, in this circumstance picking up my camera would have ended the sweet moment he was sharing with his daughter, and honestly I was enjoying the view far too much to risk that.

I’m trying to become better at not obsessing so much over capturing the beautiful or sweet moment before me and just taking mental pictures to enjoy later. You know what moments are fair game though? Funny ones.

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