The Simple Things

Did you know that last week there was a new addition to the Toy Hall of Fame? Care to guess what it is? Here’s a hint – there are probably tons of them in your back yard…. sticks. Yep, the stick entered The Toy Hall of Fame. Such a simple thing has brought so much fun to children everywhere!

Jackson, Tyler and Chase seem to enjoy the simple things in life as well. We aren’t letting them play with sticks yet, as it’s likely an eye would be poked out, however there are other household objects they enjoy. Cups, food storage containers, newspapers, etc. all are suitable forms of entertainment. The other day we needed to use all the chairs in our kitchen, so we took the Grow With Me Boosters off the chairs and set them on the floor. Immediately the boys were intrigued!

Jackson and Tyler (pictured above) spent probably 20 minutes playing in their chairs. They were so thrilled to have a little seat of their own! The next day we needed to put one of the boosters on the floor again and Jackson claimed it as his little spot, which made Chase jealous so Nick had to put another one of the floor. They spent hours coming and going from their booster seats.

I told Nick that it’s good to know the boys can be entertained by such simple things because that means I can just whip something simple out this winter when the boys are going stir crazy here at the house. He wisely told me that that ploy likely wouldn’t work when I wanted it to. Thanks for the support!

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