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I’ve fielded lots of questions lately about what music the boys like listening to and doesn’t make Nick or me want to pull our hair out. The boys’ musical journey has not always been an enjoyable one for me. Early on they loved a Baby Einstein Sing and Play CD. While a decent CD over all, it drove me nuts hearing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” 15 times in a row (no joke).

The boys’ current favorite music is much more enjoyable for adults to listen to! One of the boys’ very favorite CDs even touts itself as “Great Music For Kids That Won’t Drive Parents Bonkers” and I totally agree! I have no problem listening to most of these songs over and over again. So here are the boys’ favorites…. run right out and pick these CDs up or head to I-Tunes and load a couple onto your i-pod!

Go Fish – Fun musical group that has a nice mix of original music and remakes of “classics”. The boys’ favorite CD of theirs is “Superstar” and when the boys were younger they used to fall asleep to the “Snooze” CD. I suspect they’ll thoroughly enjoy the new “Party Like a PreSchooler” CD when we finally get around to picking that one up. Go Fish is the band most often heard in the back ground of all the dancing videos we’ve put up here. On their website you can listen to samples of their songs and they have music videos on their You Tube Channel too! If you’re ready to buy, head to their site and when you buy one CD for $15 you can buy as many as you want for only $5 more each! Go Fish also travels around the country doing concerts and if they’re in your area go see them. They were at our church last August for our fall kick off, but the boys were a little on the young side for it so I missed it. Nick says it was a great show and tons of fun watching hundreds of kids “rush the stage” when Go Fish came out.

Phil Joel – Phil Joel (formerly of the Christian band The Newsboys) offers music that’s fun for the boys to listen to but at the same time is fun for older kids to listen to! Phil Joel’s music was actually the music used during our church’s VBC this summer and the kids all loved it. The music is all original and has fun, yet meaningful lyrics. You can check out song samples on Phil Joel’s Deliberate Kids website and order the CD there.

Rob Biagi – Rob Biagi also writes original kids music and depending on the CD you buy you may find your younger kids like it more than your older kids or vice versa. I had the privilege of seeing Rob live several years ago when he was booked for the fall kick off at our church. The kids loved him and his music is catchy yet not annoying. You can listen to his music clips on his site and buy CDs there as well. Also while you’re there you can see how he and his 4 year old daughter are doing with their Leukemia battles. Yep, both of them have been diagnosed with it. Talk about a family being hit hard…

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