The Life of a SAHM

Last night as I was driving to my monthly triplet mom’s dinner I came to a realization. The life of a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) can be a lonely one! Here I was, driving to a dinner with a bunch of ladies I have a lot in common with, get along well with and often refer to as “friends” and yet I only see them once every month or so (I often will miss a dinner as will others due to other commitments, so it’s rare that you see the same people each and every month).

I thought about the other SAHM’s that I know who have kids one at a time and how infrequently I get together with them. I don’t think it’s for lack of wanting to, it just seems like the syncing of schedules, naps and then making sure kids are healthy is a big detriment to the “play date”.

Getting together with my mom friends who work is even harder! You have to figure because most work Monday through Friday, weekends are sacred family time (and time to run errands and get stuff around the house done)! Finding a free Saturday morning to get together can be brutal.

When Nick and I were trying to conceive I remember dreaming of loading my baby into the stroller and taking long walks with friends, or simple play dates at a friend’s house or meeting a friend for lunch with my baby snoozing away next to me in his or her car seat. I thought the SAHM life would be full of outings and it would enable me to not only spend time with my precious bundle of joy, but also stay connected with my friends. Ha! That so did not happen….

Granted, I had three babies at once so I know that makes my case “unique”, but I suspect moms of singletons would agree that the SAHM life is not exactly how they pictured it. Even though life is lonely at times and I very often crave an adult conversation (even if it is to swap poop stories), I wouldn’t trade my SAHM life for the world. I love getting to watch my boys discover new ways to scale the furniture or pester me their brothers. I love that because I’m home all day I have all this great blog fodder to share with you all! So what if I’m lonely? When the boys go to Kindergarten maybe I can make friends with other SAHM’s who suddenly have no kids at home and we’ll get together for Chai’s (cause I don’t do coffee) and lament about our babies no longer being babies.

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