The Ice Cream Truck?!

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Ok, now on to this Ice Cream Truck business… It’s February and it’s not like we live in Florida or something. In fact, it’s not even like it was 65 degrees or warmer (the temperature I think the ice cream trucks should head out at). No, it was a cool feeling 50 degrees… maybe. It was 5:30 and the sun was going down, so it might have been in the 40’s last night by the time the ice cream truck rolled down our street.

If you paid attention to the blog this past summer  you know two things…

1. The boys LOVE the ice cream truck! They can hear it a mile away, I swear.

2. The ice cream truck came down our street MAYBE 4 times all summer. One time my dad actually ran down the street to flag the guy down.

Ahhhh the irony that the ice cream truck would now pick our street on a cool February evening! Of course, we let the boys buy something. Nick said it was their Valentine’s Day gift.

What? You don’t stand in snow banks when you eat ice cream from the ice cream truck?

Before the ice cream truck rolled past our house, the boys were being goofy inside for the camera. They kept doing silly things and then asking to see the pictures and then doing more silly things and asking to see those pictures and, well, you get the idea.

Tyler rocking out to Go Fish. The hand up to his mouth is his microphone!

Tyler found these “glasses” at Nick’s desk this weekend. Nick seems to have no idea where they came from or what they’re for (there’s a big battery pack on the back), so let Ty bring them home.

Chase, just chillin’.

More silliness!

Lily loves chocolate already. My kinda girl!

Nick brought this home for “her” (which really means it’s for him and me) and one of the boys set it on top of her when we weren’t looking. Cracked me up to see it looked like she was hugging the box!

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