The Difference A Year Makes

Lots of things have changed in the last year. The boys are (obviously) growing and changing. While they still had some baby look to them at times last year, they have zero of that now. I’m pregnant, which was a surprise and blessing all rolled into one. Something I really noticed yesterday though was how much easier the boys were to photograph this year and how much my photography has evolved and, I think, improved.

Yesterday was Christmas card picture taking day. One year ago (Thanksgiving weekend) I not only had just received my DSLR Camera, but I was also trying to take pictures of the boys with it. I was frustrated with their lack of listening when I asked them to sit somewhere, or do something, or even stand still for half a second. I was frustrated that it took me two attempts to get pictures that I thought were even worthy of putting on the card. I was, however, happy at the time with the quality of my pictures versus the quality I would have had with my dying point and shoot camera.

This year? This year was awesome! I’ve seriously never had so much fun taking pictures of the boys as I did yesterday! They were making me laugh, making each other laugh and the whole 40 minute shoot was just a dream. Some of that is due to their age; they listen a bit better and they’re used to having my camera in their faces all the time. I also think some of it is due to my evolving as a photographer. When we arrived at the location and discovered the bridge I wanted to use was under construction, I didn’t let it phase me. I adapted the shoot to include things I knew the boys would get a kick out of (sitting on logs, holding hands, group hugs, jumping together, etc) so that the boys would have fun and I wouldn’t get annoyed. The results of that shift in thinking/photography vision, as well as my obvious improvement in knowing how to maximize the features of my camera, gave me results I just love! Plus, the boys said several times that they had fun on our special walk.

Let me show you what I mean… the first picture is one of the pictures that ended up being on our cards last year. The next three pictures are three very real possibilities for this year’s card.

Do you see the major differences? This year we can see their faces (well, most of them in that hugging picture), the boys are sharp and in focus, the coloring is better, etc.

Here are a few other examples of how last year went…

Had great potential but we were missing a kid and never could get him to sit with his brothers.

So close to having all three sitting together!

Nick, fishing the boys out of the woods.

Now, probably if I had known a year ago what I know now about photographing kids I wouldn’t have been so easily frustrated last year and I could have salvaged the shoot a bit more. Live and learn though! And learn I have in the last year. (This post that I wrote a couple of months ago gives you some of my favorite self-teaching resources.)

Here are some more shots from yesterday…

Just makes me laugh!

(L-R: is Chase, Tyler and Jackson by the way)




Jackson was being a total goof-ball! I think we have a class clown in the making. He lay down in these sticks and then said “ahhh! Comfy!”. I just burst out laughing at that one!

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  • I love all the pics, but the jumping one is my absolute favorite!ReplyCancel

  • Good grief, girl – these are AMAZING! How will you choose which ones to frame? They are simply stunning.

    I also wanted to thank you for nominating me for best attitude at Multiples and More. I had a stinky one this morning, but it is definitely something I’m working on and choosing joy more often. Thanks so much for the encouragement!ReplyCancel

    • You are most welcome! I love seeing how you handle 4 boys, when I “only” have 3!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my gosh. So cute! Great photos!! Cool idea to do the same thing as last year.ReplyCancel

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  • WOW… great pics. Makes me want to get a camera like yours! Your pics are fantastic. They look professional.ReplyCancel

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