The Cold, The Parade and The Crab

Yesterday was cold, cloudy and drizzly at times. It was gross.

Yesterday was also the start of Daylight Saving Time. That was gross.

Yesterday was also a St. Patrick’s Day parade nearby. That was kinda entertaining.

Yesterday afternoon Jackson acted like a crab. That was to be expected.

DST doesn’t usually go as well as I hope it does. The spring switch is usually worse than the fall, mostly because the boys don’t want to go to bed at night because it still feels early to them. This year I decided to try something new: we would skip the afternoon nap and try our best to wear them out so that they would crash at the right bed time. Part of my grand plan of wearing them out was to take them to a St. Patrick’s Day parade nearby!

Jackson and Nick
Tyler & Chase (hands in the pockets, trying to keep them warm!)
We were waiting for the parade in front of a garden statue place, so Nick took the boys to look around at one point. They all came running back yelling “Buddha! Buddha!”
Happy boys with Aunt Laura!
(L-R: Tyler, Chase & Jackson)
Did I mention yet that it was cold and miserable? Cause it was. It didn’t help matters that we were somehow at the end of the parade instead of the start like it said it would be online. The cold, lack of entertainment (we waited an hour before the parade finally got to us) and lack of nap finally got to Jackson. Oh and it didn’t help we weren’t letting them eat the bulk of the candy that was thrown to them. So we left before the parade ended, which also added to Jackson’s despair. 
The good news is, my evil DST plan worked beautifully! The boys crashed hard at 7:30 when we put them to bed (usually we hear giggling and carrying on for 30-40 minutes at least) and they all slept until 7:15 this morning!

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