The Casino

Tuesday afternoon I took my children to a casino. I heard once that you should set foot inside one before the age of 4 and, well, time was ticking for the boys! Confession time: I had never been in one until Tuesday. Shame on my mom for not taking us to the nearest casino when we were kids! To be fair though, I think she would have had to drive us 4-5 hours at least to get to one, where as I only had to drive 25 minutes…

Ugh! Prime example of why I don’t like to use the “Auto” setting on my camera.

The boys got a major kick out of how the ceiling was painted to look like a sky at dusk, and the giant train in the lobby. They also loved the lights, fountains, escalators and bathrooms. Don’t all 3 year olds love public bathrooms?

I’m pretty sure if any of the gamblers there (yep, people gamble in the middle of the day on a Tuesday) had realized the odds they were looking at when they stared at my brood, they would have rubbed the boys’ heads for luck.

Lest you all think I’m off my rocker, or the heat finally got to me, or the boys finally got to me or all of the above, let me explain. I’m leading a team at this weekend’s Race for the Cure and Tuesday was team packet pick-up day, and of course they would have the packet pick up at a casino. Wouldn’t that be your first choice for a location?

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  • Aunt Sue

    Ah….Maine is coming up in the world (tongue in cheek) now you’d only have to drive to Bangor. We haven’t been breaking any land speed records to get there….ReplyCancel

  • Alicenne

    What setting do you normally use? I’ve got a Canon EOS digital, and I’m always looking for a tip!ReplyCancel

    • Alicenne, I have a Nikon but the mode I shoot in is on Nikon’s and Canon’s alike… Manual! Virtually every picture I take is in Manual, except for times like the casino where the lighting was low, I had a baby in one arm and bag on the other and didn’t have time to mess with settings. 🙂

      Browse the web and find a good tutorial on shooting in manual – it’ll change your picture taking life!ReplyCancel