The Camera is Back!

On Friday afternoon Fed Ex delivered my camera, all repaired and ready to go! WOOHOO! I’m impressed with how quickly Canon repaired the camera and got it back to me. I mailed the camera to them last Saturday and received it exactly one week later. Wow!

I was so excited to have the camera back I started snapping pictures right away – including this one of my cutie Chase. About an hour later I left to go grocery shopping and I told Nick that the camera was back and to take pictures (in my mind, we have a week worth of pictures to make up for). Know what he did? He took pictures of things around the house… the stove, the fridge, a magnet on the fridge, the floor, his foot, etc. Guess I need to be more specific next time!
People seemed to really enjoy last week’s blogs with all the video clips. To be honest, I enjoyed putting it together! Anyway, please vote in the poll to the right and maybe we’ll begin featuring a new video every week.
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