The Boys’ Favorite Toys!

I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about what the boys love to play with. What’s been played with a lot, what’s on their Christmas lists, etc. Most of the questions have been from other parents, looking for ideas for their own kids. I hope the following post is helpful to you! I’ve included the Amazon links for most of these products, because even if you don’t order from Amazon, I find their reviews and product info so helpful for research!

Hot Wheels

Jackson, especially, is a huge fan of Hot Wheels. For this birthday he said he just wanted something with wheels and my parents delivered on that big time when they gave the boys this super fun Hot Wheels track: Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

Whenever we go to a store with a toy section, Jackson makes a bee-line for the Hot Wheels stuff. The item he’s most desiring from that section right now? The tracks that stick to the wall. The only problem with those (in my house anyway) is that I’m not sure we would put them. The walls in the living room (where the boys play) have that faux finish stuff all over them, and I’m not sure if the tracks would mount on that. Anyone know? Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Daredevil Curve Track Set

Stuffed Animals

When I asked the boys to grab some of their favorite toys so that I could take a picture of them, the boys all brought their kitties over. We gave them these stuffed kitties for their 2nd birthday and they are well loved here. Who knew a $5 stuffed animal from Target could become a favorite?!

Wii Games

It’s no secret that the Wii is by far a favorite in this house. The boys would play it all day long if I let them. And if they got tired of playing themselves, they would set it up so that the Wii was controlling all of the players and they could just sit back and watch. In fact, they do that even when they’re not tired sometimes. Ha!

For a very long time, the boys’ favorite game was just the Wii Sports that comes with the system. Last Christmas my parents gave the boys the Wii Game that Jackson (on the left) is holding in this picture, Arcade Zone. This fall, the boys bought the game Chase is holding, Wii Party, and it is hugely popular in this house! The boys love it, and when they give Nick and I the chance to play, we love it too. Between these two games, Wii Party is definitely the better of the two, and I highly recommend it for families with any age kids.

Ride on Toy

This ride on toy was a gift from Aunt Laura from when the boys were only 16 months old. They’ve loved it for the last 2 years!

Radio Flyer Turbo Turtle

Amazon only has one of these and it’s considered a “collectible” which I find odd. Maybe Radio Flyer isn’t producing them anymore? Either way, I’m sure you could find something similar from them. I love that the boys have gotten so much enjoyment out of this toy for the last 2 years and that pretty soon Lily will be able to ride on it too!

Bowling Set

The boys love bowling! I think the love started with Wii Sports and then we took them bowling at a bowling ally and it became a huge hit in our house. The boys even had a bowling themed birthday party this year! We’ve given the boys several different bowling sets in the last couple of years, but this one (Amazon link below) is a favorite with the boys, because the pins and balls look like real ones, and with us because they’ve held up the best of any of the sets we’ve bought. (Lily enjoys chewing on the pins too, and the foam is sturdy enough that she hasn’t ruined the pins.) For the Kansas City folks – US Toy sells this set. Safe Play Bowling


And finally we come to something the boys really want, but don’t have: a kid friendly iPad type device. The love, love, love Nick’s iPad so when they first noticed the LeapPad in the stores this summer they were hooked. Now Vtech has a version out too (which appears to be easier to find than the LeapPad, which is being price gouged on Amazon and Ebay these days, and is slightly cheaper). Whenever we go to Target, the boys ask to go to this aisle in the store they can play with all of the devices.

Does it amaze you how techy kids are this day? I’m continually amazed by it! Nick and I find it funny that the boys recognize the Facebook icon, ask me to “text” their friend’s moms, don’t know how to use a regular video game controller that doesn’t react to movement, and keep asking for our old laptop.

So there you have it! Hope you find bits and pieces of this post helpful! If the Amazon boxes aren’t showing up, check to see if you have an ad blocker enabled. I think that sometimes blocks Amazon links.

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  • Tiffany

    I don’t have kids, but I just loved this post! It is super neat to see what your kiddos like to play with. I have a one year old nephew and can’t wait to spoil him with fun techy toys!!ReplyCancel

    • Angie

      We bought the Crayola studio for my nephews bday. He loved them. Luke would love them too.ReplyCancel

  • Angie

    Luke and Olivia’s fault I posted on the wrong blog post. LOL. Luke has the radio flyler turtle and it has been the best toy. Olivia loves it now too.ReplyCancel

  • the boys are getting the wall tracks for their birthday next weekend. i’ll let you know how they stick, but our walls are pretty plain. maybe get some command strips from the store and see? hmmm…ReplyCancel

    • Please do let me know, Pam! I didn’t realize they just stuck on the wall with command strips, so I may try to pick some up this week to test it out on the textured walls.ReplyCancel

  • My boys turned 2 at the beginning of the month and they amaze me with their understanding of technology. We use FaceTime video chat on our phones to talk to one grandma and a cousin and daddy when he works late and they think every time my phone rings its a video call and wave. What a cool time to be a kid, thinking a video call is regular everyday stuff.ReplyCancel

  • Adorable boys. met you on Pic the Holidays group.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    The Wii is very popular with our family as well. If you’d like some ideas on games to get the boys shoot me an e-mail. We’ve played A LOT of them here LOL.

    And speaking of electronics, do your boys know how to type yet?? There’s a lot of very cool typing software out there (some free ones too) and typing is such an important skill these days. It would be good for the boys to practice every once in a while.ReplyCancel