The Boys Are Home!

Originally posted 9.16.07

All three boys are home!

On Tuesday Jackson came home, followed by Chase on Wednesday and Tyler yesterday (Saturday). Originally it was thought that Chase would be the last one home, but he suddenly picked up on his feedings while Tyler had a bradicardia (aka brady) episode. A brady is when a baby stops breathing long enough for his heart rate to drop. All babies have these, but pull themselves out of it. Some preemies have a hard time with that and so occasionally they need to be reminded, generally just with a light pat or shake. The doctors wanted the boys to go 5 days straight without needing to be “reminded” and considering Tyler needed that last Sunday his 5 days started over.

The boys are doing very well and spend 80% of their time eating or sleeping. Nick and I are spending most of our time feeding them and NOT sleeping. Jackson and Chase have already been for their first pediatrician appointment. Chase now weighs over 5 pounds and Jackson is really close!

Jackson and Chase on their first night home together.

Jackson on his first night home

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