The Boys Are Here!

Originally posted 8.27.07

Nick is providing this update……..:)

THE BOYS ARE HERE!! On Monday Morning, August 27 at 6:11, 6:12, & 6:13 in the morning our 3 boys were born!! All are doing well and will be spending some time in NICU since they came a little early. Helen is recovering after a very long morning. She did great and the C section went well!! We left the house a little after 4 this morning and arrived at the hospital around 4:30. After a few tests the doctor determined the boys were ready to come out! Helen will remain in the hospital and will hopefully be home by the weekend. We are not sure how long the boys will be in the NICU but it will be at least a couple of weeks.

Videos are coming shortly so check back soon!!

Nick 🙂

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