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Good news everyone! You get a bonus post today!

Who here as heard of The Blog Frog? I think only a handful of the blogs I “follow” are on it, but I’d like to see more! I had never heard of The Blog Frog until someone here commented on one of my posts that they found me through The Blog Frog (they got to me by clicking on the blogs one of her friends on BF was linked to).

I think of The Blog Frog as kind of a combination of FaceBook and a directory. We’ll see if I can explain it without butchering it…. Basically you enter your blog address, then you fill out a brief profile including your name, schools you’ve attended and places you’ve worked. Within about 5 minutes you have lists of people with blogs who attended the same schools or worked at the same locations! It’s supposed to be a fun way to reconnect with people you may have lost touch with. I say supposed to because I haven’t found anyone yet, but with some time I think The Blog Frog could grow enough to give me lots of connections!

If you’ve got a blog, I suggest you try it out. It’ll take about 5 minutes of your time. Oh, and you won’t get spam mail – at least I haven’t yet.

The Blog Frog

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