The Annual Card and Letter

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our annual Christmas card and letter! We carried on the tradition of Nick writing the letter, so here’s your once a year opportunity to read something from him. Enjoy!

The front of the card

 The back of the card

Greetings Friends & Family,

As 2011 comes to a close I spent a few moments “interviewing” each member of the clan asking for their reflections on the year 2011, in one paragraph or less. After spending 23 minutes explaining what a paragraph is (mostly to my wife) here are some of their thoughts.

Lily-“Well I’ve only been around since the great blizzard in January, but I’ve learned quickly to duck out of the way when balls, Wii remotes, Matchbox cars or brothers come flying at me. I’ve also learned a new way to get everyone in the room to say my name. All I have to do is push the big round button on the picture box in the living room. I love my 3 big brothers and I am doing everything possible to keep up with them. Can I now have my sock to chew on?

Chase-I’m not sure what to say, just like I was not sure what to be for Halloween or what I want for Christmas or what cup I want for breakfast so just surprise me with what you are going to write. Ok…how about this Chase… I love Miss Dena and Miss Joyce at school and all my friends. I love learning new things like hitting a baseball, using scissors, and writing my name.

Tyler- (Wagging his pointer finger at me) Actually my name is Laura and I’m getting my pretty dress on and going to dance at my wedding, so can we make this quick? Remember when we went to Silver Dollar City and got all wet and went really fast on the rides? Daddy can you take me outside and push me really fast in Lily’s stroller and pretend we are back at Silver Dollar City?

Jackson- “What a great day! What a great day! You won’t believe what I did today…” Me: “Jackson put down your ipod for minute, stop being a Go Fish guy and come here?” Jackson: Daddy can we play with your facebook app on your iPad or let’s read “There’s a Monster At the End of this Book” on your iPad? Can I go to Hadley or McKenna’s house tomorrow?

Helen-“Are we really doing this? Why don’t you just visit my facebook or blog and see what’s on my mind. When was the last time you went to my blog anyway?” My answer…“Um…I’ve been a couple of times this year what’s the address again?” Helen…Well then leave me alone and let me edit my pictures. Faces you love Photography has a very strict policy against socializing during business hours.

Ok family thanks for your contributions. Well I’ll try to wrap up this randomness in the next couple of paragraphs. 2011 was a great year! Lily came into our lives, the boys and Helen got to be a part of Laura & Mason’s wedding in May, we took a great family vacation to Branson, Missouri in July and the boys have really enjoyed being a part of preschool. As for me, the author of this mess, I would like to say that 2011 was a year my handyman skills were put to the test. From refinishing our dining room wood floors to building a sprinkler out of pvc pipes to changing the oil in the lawn mower. I almost feel worthy to wear my tool belt some day.

I hope this Christmas season finds you well and that you experience the joy and hope that the birth of Jesus brings to our world. Know we think about you all often and hope to see you all soon.

Merry Christmas!

Nick & The FAM

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