The 4th of July

Um, don’t look now, but it’s almost August…. How on earth did that happen?! So before we move into a whole new month, I thought it best to cover something we did at the beginning of this one.

The 4th of July was a low-key and laid back day for us, as it always is. We spent time hanging out at home, built an obstacle course for our Summer Bucket List (that post will come tomorrow!), let the kids get ice cream from the ice cream truck before lunch (which Chase declared to be awesome, and in honor of the holiday), and ventured out to see fireworks!

Lily technically “saw” fireworks when she was a baby, but we’re quite sure she doesn’t remember them, so this was sorta her first time. We decided to check out a new-to-us display at a neighboring town, and we loved it! Not overly crowded like some of the other displays we’ve been to, and we were surprisingly close to where they were being set off (a fact we learned as the first one exploded right in front of us!). You’ll see what I mean when you see how much of the frame was filled by one firework, when I was shooting with just an 85mm lens. Crazy close!

My handsome Jackson, waiting for the fireworks to start.

Playing in the dusk, waiting for the real fireworks to start. We had plenty of small ones going off around us though to keep us entertained (they’re legal in our area)!

They all wanted turns with my cell phone, taking pictures of the surrounding fireworks.

And here’s when Lily shows us her cute belly…. 😉

Close, right?! Lily was in my lap, and I could feel her little heart racing for the first 5 minutes! She kept saying “All done! All done!” after each one, but her brothers’ enthusiasm became contagious and pretty soon she was loving it.

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  • Jessica

    Those do look close and not crowded, how nice! Love Lily’s pj shirt and belly photo! 🙂ReplyCancel