That Time We Pulled Off A Surprise Trip to Disney World

Almost a year and a half ago, Nick and I both had a “man, our kids (especially the boys) are growing up so fast all of a sudden!” thoughts. People warned us. When they get into school – watch out! Time will really fly then!

People weren’t kidding!

When we realized we’d had virtually the same thoughts at the same time, we brought up the dream vacation to Disney World in Florida. We’d only been talking about it for over 4 years. Every time we’d brought it up in the past, we would half-heartedly deposit some money into a savings account, and that would be it. We had saved a whopping $500 so far. Hmmm…. that doesn’t buy a family of 6 much fun at Disney!

We knew we needed to get serious, and we needed to do it now. So we set up a plan, and saved, and scrimped. 15 months after starting our plan, we woke the kids up and whisked them off!

I’m so glad we kept this a secret the entire time! It involved not telling many people at all about our trip (we were too afraid the cover would be accidentally blown), and our four kids didn’t even know we were traveling anywhere, let alone Disney World. The looks on their faces made it all worth it though!


The trip was amazing, and we’re all wishing we could have stayed longer and/or go back again soon. We were asked this morning to please start saving for another trip today, so that we can go back again in 18 months.

Fun pictures will be blogged very soon, but for now, watch this video of us surprising the kids with their first visit to Walt Disney World! 

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