Tantrums and Break Throughs

Tantrums: *sigh* I’m not a fan of these. At all. About 3 weeks ago Chase stepped up the tantruming (yes, I’ve turned “tantrum” into a verb) in a big way. Any little thing (and I mean little) would set him off and he’d go into a epic tantrum. He spent a lot of time in time out for about 2 weeks (maybe a little less) and now he’s back to “regular” tantrum throwing. He now averages one a day instead of one an hour. Much more tolerable!

This week Tyler has started in his 2 week period of doom as I’ve now named it. Lovely! His tantrum on Tuesday morning resulted in him almost being hit by a car (thankfully I grabbed him just as the big Escalade slammed on the brakes). Yesterday he tantrumed the whole way out of church. This morning I lay in bed for 40 minutes listening to Nick deal with Tyler’s tantrums (nice of me, huh? I figure I deal with 75% of the tantrums so I’m entitled). As a result of these lovely tantrums we are foregoing story time this morning. I don’t need another fit being thrown in the library or in the parking lot. It’s like I’m under house arrest until my kid learns to control himself! Gah!

I’ll say this though – I am so thankful that the boys are being considerate enough to do these 2 week periods of doom 1 at a time! I think 2 (or 3) at a time would be more than I could handle. We’ll see if in a couple of weeks Jackson starts in… Maybe he won’t though – I realized this morning Jackson never throws tantrums! He’ll cry if he gets upset (hurt or has something taken away) but never kicks, screams and throws a general fit. My easy going guy 🙂

Break Through: Speaking of Jackson, we had a break through yesterday!

For the last 2+ months Jackson has been scared to go in the bouncy house. He would walk around it, but never go in. It all started when about a week after their birthday he (and his brothers) were in it with Nick and the bouncy house become disconnected from the blower and it began to collapse on them.
Yesterday I set the bouncy house up and after 15 or 20 minutes Jackson actually got in! He was hesitant at first, but then he really warmed up to it and had a ball. Yay!!

Look at that concentration on Tyler’s face!

Random Fun from the past week:

Tyler in Blue, Jackson in Yellow and Chase in Orange

Chase climbing up to give Jackson a hug after he woke up from his nap

Tyler climbing up to give Jackson a hug too.

Everybody now – Awwwwww!

Big thanks to those of you who clicked the button on my post yesterday! I’m in a much more acceptable place in the Best Baby Blog standings now – Went from number 171 to number 35!

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