Taking It Like a Man

This morning 4 members of this family had to go to the doctor’s office to get shots… Flu Shots for the boys and a Tetanus shot for me (Nick and I got our Flu Shots last week). Wanna guess who took their shot like a man? Nope, not me! Well, I mean I didn’t cry but I am quite whiny now because my arm hurts…

Chase took the shot like a man. The boy didn’t even cry! I wish the same could be said for Tyler (who cried for about a minute) or Jackson (who cried hysterically for about 4 minutes). Now the question is, will Chase take his next vaccinations “like a man” in December?

For those that are curious (I know I was!) the chunkers had to be weighed before getting their shots… Jackson is king now, weighing in at 23 pounds even, Chase is a close second at 22 pounds 12 ounces and Tyler is trailing by more than usual at 21 pounds 2 ounces. To be fair though, Tyler does more running than his brothers.

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