Swimming and The Local Biker Hangout

I was loading new pictures onto the computer this morning when I noticed the pictures from our time swimming. Suddenly it dawned on me that I never posted these for your enjoyment! I believe I even teased you earlier in the week and told I would have some to post… So here are a few of my favorites from our time swimming in the pool at the hotel my family stayed at for a couple of days.

Jackson and Nick
Chase – he got brave in that floaty! Took us all by surprise considering it took him 10 minutes to even want to get in the pool in the first place.
Jackson – this makes me giggle!
After all the chaos of Christmas vacated our house Monday morning, Nick and I decided to bring out another Christmas gift for the boys (we’ve yet to give them our gifts yet – we’ll probably bring those out this weekend). These sweet bikes came from Nick’s parents. The boys call them their motorcycles and boy do they love them! As I type this Tyler is sitting on his in front of the TV, watching Sesame Street.
L-R: Chase, Jackson, Tyler
Jackson (that’s his attempt at a “thumbs up”)

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