Sweet and Sticky

First, the sweet…

Last week I sent Jackson to his room to calm down from a tantrum. I told him he could come out when he was ready to be nice again. I checked on him when I started dinner and he was just laying in his bed. I asked if he wanted to come out and he shook his head “no”, so I left the room again. When I checked back 10 minutes later to tell him dinner was ready, I found him sound asleep. Awww! It was 6:15pm and I decided to take a gamble and see if he’d just sleep through the night. He ended up waking up around 9:30pm, getting into his PJs and having a drink and a little something to eat. After some snuggling on the couch he was ready to go back to bed.

Now for the sticky…

Nothing like giving a three year old a little cup of glue, a q-tip and a box and asking him to “paint” the glue onto the box. Let’s just say, the boys LOVED the glue part, but didn’t quite grasp that they were supposed to then stick things to the glue.

By the time the boys were done with their Family Advent Night craft, there were three very glue covered boxes and 6 very glue covered hands. Eh, at least they had fun!

We had more sticky fun on Sunday, when Laura and I took the boys for ice cream! (Actually, it’s frozen custard, but I call it ice cream because it’s the closest we have to an ice cream stand here.) See, it was 70 and gorgeous on Sunday, and I figured it was probably the last time for a while we’d see those temps, so we headed out for a special snack.

Sad thing was, by the time we got there the clouds had moved in and the wind had shifted directions and kicked up. Suddenly it was chilly! The boys all wanted to eat in the van. Oh the mess.

Nothing a little wet paper towel couldn’t handle!

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