Summer Vacation…. 2013

Seems like Spring Break 2014 is as good a time as any to finally getting around to posting pictures from our week of summer vacation last year…. right? Plus, maybe by re-visiting last year’s fun, it’ll get Nick and I in gear for planning this summer’s fun! (And holy moly have my kids, Lily especially, grown since last summer!)

So we packed in all kinds of random fun that week. Swimming, visiting a Curious George exhibit that was downtown, went to the car show at our church, went to Omaha for a couple of days, and drove to Topeka for a day!

Three Times the Giggles_0001Three Times the Giggles_0002Three Times the Giggles_0003Three Times the Giggles_0004Three Times the Giggles_0005Three Times the Giggles_0006Three Times the Giggles_0007Three Times the Giggles_0008Three Times the Giggles_0009Three Times the Giggles_0010Three Times the Giggles_0011

Three Times the Giggles_0012Three Times the Giggles_0013Three Times the Giggles_0014Three Times the Giggles_0015Three Times the Giggles_0016Three Times the Giggles_0017Three Times the Giggles_0018Three Times the Giggles_0019

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