Style Watch

My boys have style. Awesome style. Behold, the fabulous styles of Jackson, Ty and Chase….

Remember this one? Focus on something other than Lily’s ginormous tongue… like maybe the extra large t-shirt Ty is wearing (on the left) and the striped long-sleeve shirt he layered underneath. Chase (on the right) also went with the striped long-sleeve layering look. There’s another piece to this picture that screams “style!”, but I’ll cover that along with this next picture….

Yes, this picture is stinkin’ adorable, but we can discuss that at a later date. Allow me to draw attention to the holey sweats Ty is wearing. What is it with my boys and their desire to almost exclusively wear “soft pants”?! In the first picture all three of them are wearing sweats. We have whining and gnashing of teeth when all “soft pants” are in the dirty laundry and they have to wear jeans.

Probably my very favorite style picture courtesy of the boys though comes from Ty…

What a stud he is. All boys should “wear” this when jumping in leaf piles!

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