Striving for a Simple Summer

Did you hear? School is out! Yes – already. Usually this is the time of year we’d be sitting down to write out our summer bucket list, but this year we won’t be doing that.


I know, it surprised me too! You can read all about that on my latest for Kansas City Mom’s Blog – Why We Won’t Be Making a Summer Bucket List. It’s worth the click over!

Know how else this will make this a simpler summer? I’ve committed to not working as much in June and July. I’ve scaled the schedule way back, in favor of making more memories with my kids, and making summer truly more about relaxation and less about stress. I’m hopeful this will also enable me to catch you all up more often on here!

Summer plans include a trip to New England (the first in 4 years), and we’re all so excited about that! Aside from that and a couple of short summer camps for the kids, our summer plans are nonexistent. This will be all about spur of the moment, simple fun.

So here’s to a Simple Summer, and more sharing here on the personal blog!

Simple Summer

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