Stomach Flu, Take 1

Yesterday the stomach flu hit our house. The boys have never had the stomach flu before (Nick had it just after Christmas, but was nice enough to not share with anyone else). In fact (and this probably serves me right) I was just commenting last weekend that the boys have only thrown up twice. Jackson did once in his crib (due to a coughing fit) and Chase did one randomly on my kitchen floor. That’s been it!

Yesterday morning Jackson told Nick “uh oh belly”. A few minutes later he crawled into Nick’s lap and said it again, so Nick brought him into the bathroom where Jackson threw up a little. I came back from my run (yup, it’s finally warm enough for me to run in the morning again!) too all of this and Nick and I weren’t sure if it was sickness or just a fluke. Just in case though, I made a quick run to the store for saltines, ginger ale and lysol spray. 5 minutes after Nick left for work I found out it was not a fluke. Jackson said “uh oh belly” again, we rushed to the bathroom and he proceeded to lose all of his breakfast on me, the tub, the floor, the step stool and got some in the toilet. Ooooh boy.

For the next several hours he threw up and then added diarrhea to the fun. Poor kid couldn’t keep anything down until he ate a single saltine at about 1:30 and then drifted off to sleep. Thankfully, after his 3.5 hour long snooze on the couch he was much perkier and by dinner he was asking to eat. He’s been fine since!

The big question remains: will we end this in one take or will there be a take 2 and take 3?


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