Starting Them Early

For those that haven’t heard me say it before, my husband is the best. Ever since we got married he’s been the official cleaner of our home. It’s not that I don’t know how to clean or even that I refuse to clean. It’s that he refuses to let me clean! In the pre-baby years I would come home from work on Friday evening to a completely clean apartment – everything from the dusting to the toilets.

Since having the boys Nick has to do “segment cleaning”. That’s what he calls it anyway. Basically he cleans one bathroom one night, and the other one a different night and so on. Every night when we do our daily pick-up of the house he insists on taking the harder of the two jobs: the kitchen! Like I said, he’s the best.

Considering how blessed I have been by the helpful nature of my husband I decided early on that I want to raise my sons to be helpful too, so that one day their wives can be as lucky as I am. When we set up the boys’ playroom I told Nick I thought we should start having the boys help us clean it up every night. We started it like a game, where we’d hand the boys a toy and tell them to put it in a certain basket. When they accomplished that we would clap and cheer so wildly you would think they’d just driven in the winning run of the World Series. In general now we can just ask them to put toys in baskets and books on the shelf and they will. Every once in a while though we need to hand them something to get them going. It’s a beautiful arrangement.

The other night Nick decided it was time to teach the boys the fine art of sucking up food off the floor. In the picture above you will see Chase (at least I think it’s Chase… I’m not really sure) learning how to use the dust buster! The other boys got to try it out too and loved it of course. Our goal is to have them trained to clean the toilets (and not play in them) by the time they’re 2.

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