Spring Happiness – A Giveaway

Sometimes I don’t like to face this reality, but my kids are growing up. They look nothing like babies anymore and seem to quickly be losing their toddler look. Did you know we’ve even started looking at kids beds? Originally Nick and I were going to skip the toddler bed route and go right to twins, but then we discovered that would be a tight squeeze. As we were lamenting our choices, I found this awesome triplet bunk bed! How awesome is that thing!? Seeing that sealed the deal – we’re going to get toddler beds and wait a couple of more years before buying one of those sweet bunk beds!

As hard as it is to watch my “babies” grow up, it’s so fun to think about the big boy things they are slowly starting to do now (like not being so dependent on the Choo Choo) and will do very soon (like moving out of their cribs). Growing up also means more chances to do fun family things outside of our house! You know, real memory making type stuff… like picnics!

Picnics at the picnic table are all well and good for the boys, but Nick and I can’t join them there! Back a couple of Christmases ago, my grandparents gave us a great picnic blanket. I’ve used it several times here in the house. The boys like it when I change things up and we have a “picnic” in the living room. Here they are this past Friday night doing just that (really it was Nick’s idea because he wanted to watch the basketball game that was on).

You know what I’m really looking forward to this spring (which, by the way, officially starts on Saturday)? Family picnics at the park! We’ve got the blanket and we’ve got kids who will mostly sit still now, all we need is a picnic basket! Something like this one

Not only does that bag roll, but it has a top compartment that you can put warm stuff in and the bottom part for cold is big enough to hold 36 cans! Sounds perfect for a family picnic, don’t you think? You know what I think would be a really fun tradition to start? Family Picnic Fridays. Each Friday in the spring and summer committing to having a family picnic for either lunch or dinner. Doesn’t that sound awesome?
If Family Picnic Fridays sound good to you, perhaps the thought of winning one of those sweet coolers/picnic baskets would sound good too! Here’s how to enter to win one:
Do one or all of the following and leave a comment for EACH item you complete!
1. Leave a comment telling us what you’re most looking forward to doing this spring!
2. Become a follower of this blog (or tell me if you already are)
3. Facebook about the giveaway
4. Tweet about the giveaway
Contest is open to US Residents only. Winner’s name will be announced on Saturday morning (the first day of spring!). Winner will have until Tuesday night the 23rd to claim their prize or an alternate winner will be selected.

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