Spray Mommy With the Hose {Check}

Yes, it’s true. I let my children hose me down. At lease I don’t have to spend the rest of the summer wondering when it’s going to happen! That’s one more item checked off of our Summer Bucket List!

Thanks to Nick, for standing at a safe distance with my camera and taking some pictures.

That water was COLD!

I think they enjoyed themselves… 😉

A week ago we also checked off the “Go See a Movie” item, thanks to the $2 Summer Movie series! The boys loved watching Curious George on the big screen and Lily even did fairly well.

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  • hee hee hee, that’s awesome! whose idea was that? love it, you’re a good sport!ReplyCancel

  • I have just done some catching up on your blog, Helen. It would appear that everyone is having a great summer! You are doing a wonderful job working on that summer list! The children are just precious, and how refreshing it is to see how they are learning. Good work on that 5K, too!ReplyCancel