The boys have been spoiled for the last five days. For that matter, I’ve been a bit spoiled too! Nick’s parents, brother and sister came from Vermont to visit us for a few days. It took a few hours for the boys to warm up to all the new people at our house (they’ve only seen them a couple of times, the last time was in July), but once they warmed up they had a ball!

Mommy alone is not nearly as entertaining as the combo of Papa, Meme, Uncle Ike and Aunt Moriah. There’s been a lot of giggling and running throughout the house, as evident by the nice long naps the boys have been taking. This morning they keep looking around the house, wondering where everyone is (they flew back this morning). Poor spoiled boys will have to do with Mommy’s brand of entertainment!

A few highlights from the week:

  • Papa taught the boys what a cow says. It is hilarious to hear! Ask Jackson “what does a cow say?” and he says “mmmmmmmmm“. I really need to try to catch it on video.
  • We had a “Mini-Thanksgiving” together! Boy did the boys love the amount of food on the table! Oh, and they love cranberry sauce.
  • Nick’s 17 year old brother is super helpful! Yesterday he helped me clean the boys up from lunch, picked up the floor, cleaned the living room up and even got the dust buster out… without being asked!
  • Nick and I got to go on an unexpected date Sunday night.

Pictures from the weekend have been uploaded to the photo gallery!

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