Spiritual Guidance From 2 Year Olds

Saturday night the boys took their bed-time procrastination to new heights. After running through the usual suspects (needing to go potty, putting their books away, etc), they quoted scripture. Yup. Scripture. They totally took Nick and I by surprise by repeating their May Memory Verse from church over and over and over. We had no idea they even knew it!

Yesterday I whipped out the camera and asked them to do the verse for all of you. Left to right in the video is Tyler, Chase and Jackson. We had just finished dinner and Chase had a large spot of yogurt on his shorts and at the very end of the video you can hear Aunt Laura telling one of the boys not to touch her with his ketchup covered fingers.

Remember, you can watch this and other videos of the fam anytime on our YouTube Channel!

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  • Momma-of-5

    Oh. My. Goodness. That is priceless! So sweet and what a great testimony to great teaching in Sunday school!ReplyCancel