Speaking of Change…

First on the agenda today – one of my PJ winners still hasn’t contacted me, so I was forced to have Tyler draw an alternate winner!

Amy, you have until noon tomorrow (Friday) to contact me at I’ll need your address and what size jammies you would like sent (they come in S-XL)to you. So glad to see a fellow mom of triplets win a pair!

Ok, on to regularly scheduled blogging…

Last night Nick came home from church with birthday gifts for the boys. Yes, their birthday was 6 weeks ago so yes, these gifts are a tad bit late. You know what though? They won’t be the latest birthday gifts they’ll receive… Anyway, these gifts were from one of the girls in a high school girls small group I led for several years (I don’t any longer because my girls all headed to college this fall). One of the gifts was a View Finder.

Remember View Finders?

My how the View Finder has changed….
Look at that thing! It covers Tyler’s whole head! Not only is this View Finder a 3D View Finder (yes, the old ones claimed to be 3D too – but after looking through this new one I’d say the 80’s model didn’t really do 3D justice), but it also talks.Yep. It gives a little educational fact about each animal being viewed.
The boys have loved playing with it this morning. We had some minor fights over who’s turn it was until I gave our microwave timer control over “turns”. Then they all sat patiently around the table waiting for their turn (they swapped every 3 minutes).

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