Song Prayers

My boys absolutely love to sing! A year (or more, I can’t remember) ago I taught the boys a song prayer we used to sing at meal times at summer camp. They loved the song, and it is virtually guaranteed that someone will sing it at each meal in our house.

A few months ago Ty asked me to sing that “song prayer” at bedtime and I said “That’s not really a good bedtime prayer. It’s better just for meals”.

“Then sing a different song prayer!”


I wracked my brain for slower, more appropriate song prayers for bed time and all I could come up with was The Doxology.

Anyone who has ever attended a church with a traditional service structure has likely sung (or at least heard) the Doxology; I grew up singing it at the little baptist church I went to as a child. The song is slow, it focuses on thanking God for the things in our lives – perfect for bed time!

As I was singing it I thought “uh oh, there are a lot of words and phrases in here they aren’t going to understand….”. Words like whom, heavenly hosts, holy ghost, ye, etc.

The boys giggled when I sang the word “creatures”.

After I sang it, I explained each line of the song and they still just giggled at the word “creatures”. Then I got to sing it twice more because it’s not like they’re all in the same room and could all hear it (and my explanation) the first time through… no, obviously the 2 foot space between their beds has some sort of magical sound buffer!

The Doxology has become so popular with my boys that they’ve also taught it to the other kids in their preschool class (as I mentioned in an earlier post). Good times!

I love listening to the boys  pray. Jackson always does this super squinty eye thing…

This past weekend I got to help in the boys’ room at church and Jackson volunteered to pray in the class.

“Dear God, thank you for loving us. (long pause) Amen.”

Short and sweet and to the point. Shouldn’t more of our adult prayers be simple like Jackson’s? I’m thinking so.

And now for your viewing pleasure, I give you Ty and Chase singing the two favorite song prayers!

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  • RoseAnne (Mom)

    Thank you for this post, Helen. It was such a blessing to me to see the faith of a child (or 3 of them in this case.)ReplyCancel