Something I’m Not Good At

I may be able to take a pretty nice picture and I may be able to take a mildly funny/amusing video, but apparently I am not capable of doing both at the same time. I can multitask with the best of them, but not when it comes to holding two different camera and trying to use them simultaneously apparently!

Case in point, on day one at Silver Dollar City I waited near the “river” where Nick and the boys would be coming by in their raft. I had my Nikon in my right hand and our little Kodak video camera in my left. I was ready to roll! Or so I thought… while my pictures were only decent (a little crooked – ha!)…

The video on the other hand… Oh the video. I’m almost embarrassed to show this.

Pretty bad, right? Oy.

So on Day 2 I tried again, but this time with the log flume ride. I even practiced. Seriously. As a few boats/logs peaked over the hill I would hit the start button on the video camera and take some pictures with my Nikon at the same time. Thanks to the practice things turned out a tiny bit better! You already saw one of the pictures of them coming down the hill, but I also caught this one at the bottom…

And while the video was a bit better, things ended badly with just Nick’s head floating along at the bottom (that sounds worse than it really is!)…

Lesson learned: don’t try to multitask with two cameras in my hand.

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  • RoseAnne

    Next time we will just have to come with you to hold one of the cameras!ReplyCancel

  • It is hard. LOL. I do love that my D7000 has video so I can do video and photos with one camera.ReplyCancel