Some Numbers For You

Over the last 30 days 2,214 different people have visited this blog.

On Monday’s (my highest hit day), I average 355 hits.

83% of my hits come from returning visitors, meaning a lot of you like to hang around here.

I have a point with all of this, and it is by no means to brag about number of hits (I’m sure many of you have higher numbers than me!)… bear with me here for a few more numbers.

20 is the number of days Chase spent in the NICU (he came home one day after Jackson and a few days before Tyler).

$750,000 is what we were (mistakenly) billed for his NICU stay. That’s just for him! And he didn’t have any surgeries, need any oxygen, etc.

4 is the number of preemies I have (Lily is considered a late-term preemie due to being born before 38 weeks)

1,500 is the number of preemies that are born each day (on average)

Do you see where I’m about to go with this? I bet you do!

The Kansas City March for Babies event is now less than 3 weeks away and I am far from meeting my goal. If you can’t walk with us (and if you live locally we would love to have you join us on May 1st! Just click here for info.) then can you spare a few dollars to support us?

Let’s look at it this way… Say even just half of my readers this month gave $5 – that would give me over $5,000 which is well over my goal. I bet you all can spare $5; that’s basically a trip to Starbucks.

Or how about this – if half of my readers just today (so about 175 of you) would give $5 that would put me just over my goal of $1000 (because I’ve already raised $175).

Here’s the thing. A good number of you have every intention in the world of giving, but life happens, you get distracted and before you know it the walk has already come and gone and you forgot to give. If you can spare more than $5, could you give a little extra to help pick up the slack? I like to imagine a world where only about 150 preemies are born a day instead of 1,500 and with some help I believe the March of Dimes can accomplish that!

Donate, by visiting my March for Babies personal page – HERE or by using the banner at the top of this blog.

My preemies are doing amazingly well, but not all are so lucky. Give in celebration of healthy preemies everywhere and to support the preemies who are still to be born.

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