Soldiers Keep Us Safe

By living in the suburbs, you’re bound to pass billboards. The boys love looking at the billboards and shouting out what they see on them (Burger King! McDonald’s! Funny guy! M for Mommy!). About a month ago one of the billboards we pass frequently changed from Burger King to The Marines. One day one of the boys asked me who that guy on the billboard was and I said “That’s a soldier”. They said “ohhh…. (pause) What does he do?”. I tried to keep the concept simple for them and simply said “Well, soldiers keep us safe”.

Now, every time we drive by that billboard (and others we’ve seen lately advertising the Marines), the boys all yell “Soldiers keep us safe!” over and over again. It’s precious, simple and so true. Thank you Veterans and men and women currently serving. We are eternally grateful!

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